Hello and hello again

I don’t know how many time I made a blog already, this blog is like fifth, sixth or maybe seventh blog I made. Hopefully I will stick to this blog no matter what (haha yeah, right, I wrote this sentence too on my last blog but the blog existed within two months). Well, anyway, I am not sure why I am blogging or which categories my blog is therefore my blog will never last than one year. On the other hand, there is something in my heart, which will burst whenever I see somebody’s blog. I want to share my experience too, that is way I made this blog again but under the name Mixed Salad Bowl – All in Queerbeet, because life is like mixed salad in a bowl

Where do I get the name? Well it was back in Barcelona when I had lunch with my Bestie Kimberry. After walking and window-shopping in La Ramblas, we went to a nice restaurant, which offered us a Day-Menu costed only 11€, even though at first we were skeptical with the taste but we decided that we would give it a try. So Kim had her seafood salad and I had four-cheese spaghetti. I looked at Kim’s salad, it fascinated me because all kind of sea creatures were in her salad surprisingly it was delicious. We were very satisfied with the whole menu and decided to go back to the restaurant for dinner two days afterward. I took my turn to try the cheese salad and that was the time I thought of the name of this blog.

Because life is actually like a big bowl salad and everything in that bowl is something you achieved and what you have in your life. The dressing is how you live up your life, maybe little bit sour, sweet or quite spicy.


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