Why does people make mistake?

Somehow after midnight and a glass of cocktail all of my friends will be one of the greatest philosopher. Like yesterday after having watching champions league, we celebrated FC Bayern Winning, looking some German satire TV-Shows about Angela Merkel. All of sudden after the clock struck twelve, one of my friend told us he had something to confess, he said about his secret that nobody knows (until yesterday) including his financial support. After his confession somehow our conversation led up into something serious. He began to talk about people who cannot avoiding their mistake,resulting them to face more painful consequences. He recalled why can people sometimes so stupid not to calculate it before they make some decision. It is true that people’s mind actually should be able to think, to calculate and to speculate what would happen next, but in the other hand people’s mind is also limited.

After having a long discussion (that led us to go to bed at 3 a.m) we were still so stubborn and could not have change our mind. He still in the opinion that people should be able to speculate and calculate what would happens next to avoid mistakes. On the other side, I think people  should make some mistake so they can learn from it even though the consequences will be some pain in the ass, but of course if they can avoid their mistake they should avoid it and not so stupid to make second same mistake. If you had made a mistake, don’t be so sad and call yourself stupid but you should learn from it because sometimes there is mistakes, which people cannot avoid to make it.

The secret of life, though, to fall seven times and to get up eight times – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


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