Home sweet home

So if I could sit around on the sofa after dinner, I would do it all night long. This is like one of my favourite activity to do aft dinner (after playing board or card games) and that’s actually what I do right now. After having dinner for Tobias (we had nice summer grill even though it was cloudy and windy), we sat on the sofa and enjoyed our nice ice cream while watching “DFB Pokal”. I don’t really a big fan of soccer but I am really like the atmosphere we have right now. Just a a big family enjoying soccer game from Germany league.

We are watching FC Bayern and Stuttgart. The champions league winner leading the games 3-2 right now, very exciting game indeed, but that is not what I want to write, the soccer fans would probably read the report on sport-site rather than on my site. This moment right now! This is what I would like to share with you guys..

9 people are sitting in living room, all eyes on the television, well except for Tobias’ sister, she is trap on her history novel but sometimes she is watching the television and looked kind of distracted of our reaction toward the games. How I love this moment right now, even though I am not biologically part of the family but I feel really warm and accepted in this circle. They are really nice to me, I am very grateful to find them and they accept me warm hearted on their arm. On the other side, in this moment like this I miss my family and how miss to have a quality time with time, chit chatting or even laughing of something silly. Oh well but I am looking forward to see my father and brother on my graduation day 🙂

My word of the day: take your time with your family while you have it 😉


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