It’s scarier than any horror movies you saw

Some of you probably sill remember how scary it is to look under your bed as you might be see a monster there. Reminisce it, I remember how I used to sleep with a blanket to cover up all my body, because I am so scared that a monster would snap my body, which is not covered up with blanket.

I believed in monster and ghosts or something that we cannot see with our bare eyes. The ideas chilled me to the core but then I couldn’t help it but to watch horror movie specially from Thailand (they made the scariest horror movie ever!). I watched this kind of movie so often with my friends as I was in Bali, to be honest I think they are addicted to this genre.

After a year of not watching horror movie, I gave it a try to see “Mama”. Some of you had already seen it probably and I must said I am surprised because this movie is well-made. After watching “Mama” I was scared but not because of ghost or something mystic, it i was because I saw my calendar and there it was: my graduation day. I cannot explain it in word, I was happy and terrified at the same time.

Graduation day is scarier than any other horror movie for me. It is like you will start from the scratch, you know you have to enrol university or searching for an apartment to live, adapting to your new neighbourhood and stuff. For someone who has been always in a boarding school, the ideas of moving on into sharing-apartment or a normal university chilled my bone to the core. I feel that I am not prepared for the whole new situation, what if I couldn’t manage all of the mess? I don’t know what will be waiting for me out there, it is not like a horror movie that you could predict that it will be a ghost showing up to scared you. In reality, you cannot predict or calculate what would happen next. This situation scared me, because I am also afraid that I will disappoint everybody who are supporting me and of course my self.

Than I realise reality and future are scarier than any horror movie you see in your life…


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