It’s on when it’s on

I know I’ve been proscastinating and lazy to write more in my blog. I am terrible sorry for it, but as you might not know. Introducion week in my university is over so that means next week I’ll have my first lecture!! if you ask me if I am excited about it, well I am not really excited because I know I’ll start from zero again, learn again and shove my face in books! Blaah 😦

But anyway this is what I want and I should be happy becasue I can stil persue my dream meanwhile other teenagers struggling with their self-esteem, drugs, alcohol and teenage-pregnancy. Damn my parents should be proud of me.

You know what? I was asked by many people what I’d do next after my graduation, I couldn’t help to tell them I wanted to study in Freiburg (It’s a city in Germany, if you want to know more just google it) something with Environment, well Environmental to be specific, but then it is change 180 degree. Now I live in Aachen studying Social Science. Am I dumb? Nope, I am quite insecure wether I do the right things for me and my people around me, but then there’s no right or wrong. So from that on, I am thinking to make the best out of it and starting to enjoy my life and care less (not that I don’t care about my life and peope around me, I want to think less about it, if you know what i mean?)

Actually I am pretty excited now.. well we’ll see if I get through this one safely 😀




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