Dream, Daydream or Nightmare?


Anyone has one, two or maybe thousands dream right? Most of them are wealth, fame or simply happiness. I had a dream too, or I would prefer called them goals. When I was in junior high school it was my goal to study aboard, gained experience that at that time not every children could get. I was scared but silly me I was so overwhelmed by my dream to live aboard and leave everything behind. My family and friends. So I set my feet in germany. It was not my first time I was there. My papa took me for a month vacation in Germany. We rented a car and go to Bavaria to see Neuschwanstein castle, tried bratwurst and see beautiful Bavaria culture, then move on to Frankfurt to see their skyscrapers building, drove along Autobahn (highway) to Berlin to be captivated by its diversity and warm welcoming atmosphere. I knew in that moment I’d love to come again but not as a tourist but as student. As much as I love Indonesia but their curriculum bored me to hell. I want something exciting and challenging and I know i can get it when I learn new language and learn here, graduate Abitur and go to University.

So far I fulfil almost all of my dream. I went aboard, studied German, graduate in most challenging designation with compromising marks and currently studying in one of the most well-known University not only in Germany but also in the world, but then what did I miss? I know I should been thankful because I can pursued my dream and I have my family and my friends behind me. On the other hand, I know I missed something…

if I would not have been so naive and thought about it again, I would be at home, see how my brother grown up so fast, be strong for him and always by his side. I would have been always near my family be there if my mama need me, I would have been always there if my papa cooked and always support him in every his dream. Actually I regretted my decision to come to Germany but then on the other hand I had the opportunities and experienced that others don’t have. Do my dream really dream come true or is it just a beautiful nightmare?


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