Review: Flixbus, An alternate for highly priced Deutsche Bahn!

It’s winter again and deutsche bahn (German railway company) will surely will increase its price again for 5%. Seriously, I’m getting sick of Deutsche Bahn and its services. It is really surreal to think that I can go from Aachen to Amsterdam under 50€ but to go from Aachen to Frankfurt I have to pay at least 70€. They set too much higher price for railway who always late! Oh they probably will be late more often as their railway will be ‘frozen’ due to the cold weather. So for you who exchanges students or expatriates or even ‘Deutsche’ who prefer to spend their money with something useful I would recommended you Flixbus.

Flixbus was founded by a private long-distanced bus enterprise under the name “GoBus”, the renaming took place in early 2013. Their route network includes not only big cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt and berlin in germany but also Zürich and Prague. They also sell their ticket starting from 1€. I Got my ticket from Cologne-Frankfurt and outward for only 14€, which is a really “saver fares” compare to Deutsche Bahn. But you have to buy your ticket in advance because you have to print your ticket and it also cheaper to buy in advance (sometimes they are sold!).

So here my point for flixbus according comfort, flexibility, hygiene and price.

comfort: Their seat are really comfortable. You have enough space for your feet and they have also foot rest under the seat. You can adjust your seat so you can relax or lean back. There is also a small flap so you can put your things on it. They also have reading lamp and air conditioner above every seat! So basically I’ll give it 4 out of 5

Flexibility: sadly they only pick you up in certain stop, but don’t worry their stops are easy to find and to reach. They go almost everyday but to check it to make sure (and book it in advance!). For Flexibility I’ll give them 2 out of 5 (just because they have to expand their route-network and their time and they didn’t give you toilette-pause or smoking or just chilling-pause)

Hygiene: to be honest I was expecting the bus would be dirty, smelly and uncomfortable but I was totally wrong as I said the seat was comfortable and it was clean and also not smelly. Although I wasn’t going to the toilette but I expect it was also “okay” toilette because I didn’t see any guest who turned their head after the saw the toilet or probably because they don’t have any other choice? Overall I will give it 2.5 out of 5

Price: compare to deutsche bahn, you can’t complain about their prices and you’ll never get any cheaper than this! So of course a 4.5 out of 5.

Here are the result: If you want to try another alternate than deutsche bahn you could absolutely try this one because it’s cheap comfortable although it takes time to get to your destination hut doesn’t it just the same if deutsche bahn 25 minutes or 50 minutes late from their schedule?

Btw here is their link

It’s FlixBus’ Bus
Inside the bus /their seat

6 thoughts on “Review: Flixbus, An alternate for highly priced Deutsche Bahn!

  1. hi everyone. i was a customer to flixbus. i should’ve go brussels to amsterdam with flixbus but i couldn’t because them bus driver was psyco. he didn’t take me the bus. he was rude, and arrogant. he yelled at me because i touched door of the bus. after he blamed me to stealing. he wasn’t there in departure time i was cold and i touched the bus door.what a big crime. i heard someone shouting. i did not offend because i didn’t do anything. i went towards to him he’d been shouting me.then he blamed me to stealing. i asked where do you find the right of yell at me he answered because i am i bus driver. that answer instigated me and i started to yell at him: i am a customer should i yell at you too. and he said if i am a bus driver you can’t come with us. wtf. i payed my ticket 1 week ago. i planned everything about my vacation and he f.cked my all plans. police came they did nothing. they just detained me till bus departured the area. i told this the company they defend me driver and they just offered a coupon. i payed a reservation even i couldn’t stay, my phone bill rise up because i tried to reach them phone service, i payed one more night in brussel and i payed another bus ticket. no one did not take responsibility in this case my damages are still stand. so folks don’t use flixbus i wouldn’t recommend. it’s your choose. they are rude, arrogant, careless. have a nice travel.

    1. Hello, that was very unfortunate. I never had a bad experience with flixbus up until now. So I’m still recommanding this alternate of deutsche bahn, from the time I wrote this, the only long distance bus well known was flixbus, but now there are countless of long distance bus you can choose.
      I hope you have a nice travel afterward.

  2. My mother used Flixbus from Lausanne to Bordeaux with connection in Lyon. Once waiting in Lyon the second bus is cancelled and the station closed. My mom takes a taxi to find a place to sleep. The next day she called Flixbus and they say her taxis will be reimbursed and she can come back home by herself and they will reimburse ticket since there is no place available in Flixbus. Finally Flixbus lied and refused to reimburse taxi and they refused to reimburse the flight my mom took and the reimbursed only the second bus, the one cancelled, but not the bus from Lausanne to Lyon. Really bad experience.

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