Review: The physician

Hello everyone,

How was your holiday? I know I haven’t been so diligent to update my blog but I was busy with preparation for holiday dinner and cleaned it up after that.. But yes i had an awesome holiday and I welcomed 2014 with my open arms. There are so many people texted, emailed or called me and telling me to forget 2013. starting 2014 with new goals and new hopes you know just let things go and starting new page. But you know what, why should I starting a new life, forgetting what was happened in 2013 and setting up new goals and new hopes if I am having a blessing life? I would just do it like I always do and I know I’ll be fine.

Well today me and Auntie will go to cinema to see “The Physician”. Auntie said she read the book long ago before she went to college and she is now in around her 60-ish something. Damn, that was long time ago (you can do the math right?). Long story short, I will do the review tonight, until then please enjoy the trailer first 🙂

The Physician Movie Poster

The Physician Trailer

edited: 11.01.2014

Even though I didn’t have the time to read the book i know for sure the book is a level better than the movies, because you get into Rob’s (the protagonist) head. But overall it was a good movie with a great landscape. They casted the right player to play Rob, Ibn Sina and most of all Rebecca. There is just something that bothers me through the movie, does the muslims in the book really provocative in somehow i got an Idea as if they are some kind of terrorist? Does it also in the book?

Some Trivia :

1. The book has been many times best-sellers in Europa, specially in Spain and Germany

2. Dietrich Grönemeyer (a brother from well-known german actor and singer Herbert Grönemeyer) took long time to persuade Noah Gordon to sell the license of the book. Noah Gordon was persistent to not make and movie adoption based of the story.

3. Dietrich Grönemeyer and Noah Gordon are a close friend. They have also a really great knowledge about medicine.

4. The filming took place in Cologne as well as in Morocco.

5. It cost 800.000€ for filming in Cologne alone.

6. There are also 2 well-known actor from German ´palying the character from the Physician (Karim played by Elyas M’ Barek and the Davout Hussein played by Fahri Yardim)

with love,



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