Review: “Die mit dem Bauch Tanzen” – Belly Dancing Is The New Botox

At the end of the day, I would spend my weekend with my Auntie instead of studying and preparing for my final exam in university. So like two weeks ago or maybe more? I can’t remember it anymore but it was somewhere in January, anyway it is not relevant when. I and my Auntie went to cinema to watch “Die Mit Dem Bauch Tanzen”. It is a German documentation film from Carolin Genreith about growing old. She made a documentation about her mom, her mom’s belly dancing’s group and a lot thinking about her own generation. One thing I can sure about, in the end of the film you’ll be thinking, that is one of bad-ass documentation about your grown-old mother.

Mrs. Genreith focuses the story on three magnificent women, who are 50+ and not afraid to savor their Aging. Mrs. Genreith’s mother and her friends dance their heart out once a week and let their agony, problem, and mid-life crisis sway away as their hips swinging and their bellies rolling, but still they look amazing. They are Marita, Marita, who founded the belly dance group two decades ago and still hapilly married even in her 37 years marrige-life. Birgit, who find strength after joining the belly dancing group. And last but not least Mrs. Genreith’s mother who after 25 Years married got divorced, starting a new life and found self-confident around her belly dancing friend. Together with Mrs. Genreith we got to know how is it feel growing old, having our first life-crisis, first wrinkles and to realize you’ll not teenage girl anymore.

I found this movie very inspiring and true. Mrs. Genreith told the story with some fun, very smart way, she made “getting-old” as something that peope should not scary of and not to worry about. Which is true, you may starting to take anti-aging serum but you can not faking it, you’ll getting older anyway. The best you could do just enjoy it, embrace it and make a peace to yourself. The Film taught me also that you’ll still find your happiness even though you are not a teenager anymore and there is no age-limit to enjoy yourself or explore something new. Just like these three women does, they still enjoy their belly dancing considering they are in their middle age. But anyway even though after watching it, I still cannot stop thinking what if I am in my 30-something instead of doing what infront of my  eyes and savor my youth.

But really guys, if you having a mid-life crisis and speaks german or knowledge german you should watching this film, it might help you to be feel better afterward. I don’t know if this film will be shown in every cinema in Germany, but I’m pretty sure they’ll shown in NRW and Berlinale. Oh and it’s not a long film actually, barely 90 minutes and all it’s in german.



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