Event: MUNDOlogia – Exhibition of Photography, Media, Travel and Outdoor

MUNDOlogia Logo

If you are German or expat who is living in Germany specially near Freiburg im Bresgau, has a passion for photography and a globetrotter? This event suited you the most!

MUNDOlogia is a three days fair, which usually takes place in the first weekend in February. MUNDOlogia derived from Spanish mundología, literally mean knowledge of the world. Equivalent to the world meaning they want to take the viewer not only into the superficial view of tourist attraction but also to show their unique stories and individual interest. They want to give us not only aesthetic and entertaining program under the wing MUNDOlogia, but at the same time to contribute to a better understanding of foreign culture, ways of life and also address social, political and economic problems beyond infamous tourist attraction.

I’ve been to their event for three-year in a row like now and I never felt disappointed with what they presented. From year to year they are getting bigger and better, their correspondents are not only a true globetrotter but also national geographic photographer and traveller. What I like the most that they describe not only trivial facts but their own interest and interact with native culture. Opening our eyes with what beyond beautiful places, mostly hide grieve and surprising story.  I am so grateful to Tobias Häuser and David Hettich, making this Exhibition eleven years ago and wake my ambition to go travelling around the globe especially to be an environmentally conscious traveller.

If you want to know more about MUNDOlogia, just go to their Website and dive into the world of MUNDOlogia. Just some tips for me, check their next event (february 2015) latest in October 2014, if you are interested just click buy/reservation as soon as possible because their tickets are sold out as fast as lightning!

I hope I’ll see you guys in MUNDOlogia nex year






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