Kuningan, Pura Sangga Bhuwana Agung in Hamburg

Hello, it’s been awhile isn’t? I have been really lazy to update it even though I have lots story to tell. Last week I was in Hamburg to celebrate a hinduism celebration called Kuningan with most of Hindus living in Germany. To be around with Balinese and prayed in this temple located in Volkskünde Museum, made me kind of missing home. It is almost four years I haven’t celebrate Galungan and Kuningan with my family in Bali, Indonesia. I miss Iwe’s Kuah Nyat-nyatan and just being around with my family after we had prayed together. Although since I live in Aachen, I met so many Indonesian specially Balinese, it makes me so happy because I can speak Indonesian and just be an Indonesian at least. I know it sounds weird, but I miss the time when you can just speak your native language and make that Indonesian jokes that just us Indonesian can understand 🙂 

I, Auntie and Uncle went to Hamburg two days before the celebration so we could see Hamburg and explore the city a little. It was five-hours driving from Aachen to Hamburg, after that long driving we finally arrived at a little nice hostel that Auntie booked for us. The Hostel kinda have cute furniture and old bookshelves with lots of books I want to read. The best of it, it was near to the Volkskunde Museum and the city. Hamburg is different, hamburg is big, windier and colder than Aachen. I prefer to live in Aachen than Hamburg to be honest, but the city is a must to if you go to Germany. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time explore the city as the Celebration took so many time and my energy. 

The Celebration was festive, sacred and beautiful familiar. It was not so much different than in Bali. There are Sekaa Gong (group of people playing Gamelan) Balinese dancer and of course balinese food with lawar and babi guling. I was so happy that I made a right decision to come to Hamburg ^^




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