3 years aniversary with wordpress and real struggle searching a flat in Aachen

I don’t realize it is three years already for writing with WordPress. I barely writing myself although i would love to write more. I have so many things going on my mind that I want to share to be honest, but the lack of skill and my laziness prevent me for any productive writing time. Surely not only that I have also a real struggle to find a new flat for me in Aachen. I am looking for flat for almost four months right now and now I have to go back to the square one. It is depressing because everyone around you having this massive luck to find what they are looking for. My girl-friend has found her new flat in Düsseldorf within two weeks, which is actually nearly  impossible and I cannot believe her because now she shipping a cocktail in her new flat looking down on me. It is Aachen for god’s sake, why it is have to be so pain in the ass to search for a new flat. I meant there are must be lots of empty houses and flats right?

Well Goddess Fortuna must be not on my orbit right now. I just feel somehow it is not fair but whom should I rant to? I bet my friends must be tired (and soon enough I’ll be killed) because I always complaining about looking for flats and so on.

But what can I do now? I just keep looking for flats and hoping one day soon enough someone will bring me a good fortune.

in struggle,



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