What A Sheer Luck

Just after two days I posted on WordPress about how hard it was to find a flat in Aachen, I got a called from a nice lady telling me she had a flat to rent in Aachen. With a glimpse of happiness I told her if we could meet up and she told me we could meet up as soon as possible. So the day after that, I found myself there, in my future flat and my future landlady told me everything about the old house, the neighbors, the sharing bathroom, and my future room/flat. I signed the contract, I was overjoyed, the searching and struggle was finally come to an end. My uncle and auntie congratulated me, they were happy for me even though they found it quite sad because then I’ll move out from their house.

To find a flat or house in Aachen is a 40% work, searching and 60% luck. It was a sheer luck that I made an advertisement on ebay and she accidentally clicked it. Now, I am still euphoric that I have my own flat and a nice landlady. So right now I could really focus on my studying 🙂




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