A Tale of a Beauty on the Battle Field

I have always been fond to a fairy tale, ancient tale and every kind of tale since in my young age. It must be because Granny will always told me a story when I was sleeping with her, well actually I forced her to tell me a story. I have a lot of favorite tale from a classic Indonesian tale “Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih” or German’s classic “Gebrüder Grimm’s” Tale, but right now I want to tell you about Goa Chang Gong (高长拲)he was a general of the northern Qi Dynasty, he was also known as Prince of Lan Ling because his Princedom was Lan Ling county.

Illustration of Gao Zhang Gong

According to the book of northern Qi, he has a beautiful almost feminine face, therefore he wore a dreadful mask to scary his opponent on the battle field. He was always successful on the battlefields. One of his famous battle was battle of Lou Yang, where he led only 500 cavalry men fought through an army of Northern Zhou, who had 100,000 men to sack the city. He fought his way to the gates, the tale said that the army of Lou Yang city didn’t recognize him thus that he took of his helmet/mask. The army recognized him and rejoiced at his arrival. Soon after the army of Northern Zhou was defeated.

Gong Zhang Gong’s Battle Mask to scare his enemy

Despite of growing up in a such horrible family (Gao family was known for rape, incest and killing their brother for power) he had a good reputation among his people. It was said, once the Emperor gave him 20 Concubines but he accepted just only one concubine because he did’t want to disobey the Emperor but then that he wanted none. Whenever he was out on the battlefield or just kept watch a border, he always shared whatever he had with his soldier. Basically he was a good General and he is a true chivalrous gentleman.

There is also a series, which told the story of Prince Lanling with a twist of romance. I watched it and it was pretty good. The series called “Prince Lan Ling” starring China 1# Young Master, Feng Shao Feng as Gao Chang Gong. It is worth to watch and overall the stick to the book but with a little twist here and there.

Feng Shao Feng as Gao Zhan Gong a.k.a Prince Lan Ling.

I have always adored this story about Prince Lan Ling and with this series featuring Feng Shao Feng, I found it so hard not to fall in love deeper with him. Mr. Feng did a pretty good job on his character.

but life is not a fairy tale, is it?



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