Productivity, Ubuntu and Reviving an Old Hobby

I know lately I am lack of enthusiasm and lack of passion to do almost everything. So for the first time I decided to not go to Uni. It is not really a good role model, i know, but on that time, I just thinking it will be useless to go to Uni if I can’t concentrate at all. I felt so unproductive and useless. Yes useless, there are times, couples of days every month where I feel really down and useless and then I would reminiscent the time has passed and what I have been accomplished. To be honest I felt like I just lost my self little by little. I got a new laptop with dual OS. It’s Lenovo with Ubuntu and Windows for OS. I’m pretty happy with my decision to buy a new one, because my old MacBook is not working anymore.

I want to revive my old hobby which is photography. I know it is ages since I took some photos from nature and people but right now I’m currently working on that. Since I have also a group project with my friends so I think this is a good start to begin with. I still want to take some Portrait and nature objects. These are my most favorite objects to photograph. I photographed some of my friends back then in Senior High School and they turned out pretty good and the Models are very delightful with my works, so probably I should going on with this hobby. To begin with I should search for those photos, because those could be useful as Portfolio.

Well Yeah anyway I hope it is not a NATO, No Action Talk Only.

much love,


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