Spring Awakening in Keukenhof

My friends and I decided to go to Keukenhof last week. Keukenhof also known as Garden of Europe (well, Wikipedia said) is the world’s second largest flower garden following Dubai’s Miracle Garden. Kuekenhof is located in South Holland in the small town of Lisse. We decided to go there because of various reasons, which are, we bought a Netherland’s Railpass Ticket already, which is occasionally sold for ridiculously small budget (just 13,99€ for this Ticket compare to buy a normal prize which can up to 60€), second we want to use this ticket but we don’t want just to go to Maastricht or Amsterdam. They are too mainstream for us you know. That is why it leads to our third reason, which is Keukenhof is the nearest attraction or point of interest, beside you can see beautiful tulips and garden. It’s a win-win situation. Well we could go to Reumonder Outlet Center but then you have to higher up your budget because well you want to shopping spree if you decided to go to outlet and not just sipping a coffee and window-shopping.

Our journey began at 7.30 am sharp. We took a train from Aachen Schanz to Heerlen (Holland) after we arrived at Holland we had to activate our Holland Go-Pass at the train station. At first we didn’t know how to activate it, but fortunately the conductor showed us how to activate the Pass, which is actually very easy. You just have to tap your Pass to a machine until it’s beeping. After we all activated our Go-Pass we boarded to the train. The Journey began than from Heerlen to Leiden Central. It took another 2 Hours 45 Minutes but time flew so fast because we had Wi-Fi on our train and snacks that we bought the day before. When we arrived at Leiden, our journey didn’t stop there but we were getting closer to our destination. We took a bus from Leiden Central to Keukenhof. It took another 15 minutes to reach Keukenhof.

After the long Journey we finally reached our main destination The Garden of Europe, Keukenhof. In the 15th Century the park was a hounting-ground belonged to Jakobäa von Bayern, the Countess also used her untouched country estate for planting herbs to use in her kitchen, which is the source of the name Keukenhof, bluntly translate as Kitchen-garden. After the death of the Countess, some rich merchants took over the ground. VOC captain and Governer Adriens Martens Block lived in the castle he built-in 1641 after his retirement. The Garden was established by the then-Mayor of Lisse to present a flower exhibit, where gardener from all over Netherland and Europe couls show their hybrids. The Garden open from March untill May or around spring but the castle of Keukenhof opens all year-long and frequently used for festivals and events.

According to the official website, Keukenhof planted approximately 7 million flowers bulb each year which cover an area of 32 hectares. It has 5 Pavillion, in which they have their own flower show. We went to three out of five Pavilion, they were Orenje Nassau where they held a roses show, Beatrix Pavillion showed orchid, anthurium and Bromeliad (this is my favorite Pavillion because they showed all variety of orchid) and the last but not leats Willem-Alexander Pavillion, which held a show for flowering shrubs.

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The garden and the exhibitions were huge and gorgeous. It was worth our time, money and energy to go there. I would recommend it to my friends and family and I think they should at least go to Keukenhof once in their lifetime.

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