Losing Things – an Importance of a Found&Lost Office

I am such a reckless person and I know that. Lately I’ve been losing things like on January, I lost my favorite Fossil’s watch, two months ago I lost my black strapless dress, on Wednesday last week I lost my friend Flash Drive and I felt so terible to lose his flash drive. Today I just realise I lost my flash drive. It’s merely a good flash drive and it is just 4 GB but I got this flash drive since I was in Highschool so like 4 years right now. I have this weird thing to attach with some of my belongings, when I got them for a long time, it’s hard to let them go. So like my watch, which up until now I can’t still get over it, I can’t let go my flash drive so easily 😦

I hope I’ll find my flash drive and my friend’s flash drive soon. At this point I wish that Aachen or RWTH Aachen have Lost&Found Office.


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