Write’s Block and the Idea of Fast Writing

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.  – via Wikipedia.com

I could say I have a writer’s block right now. No Actually I have so many idea of what i could write on WordPress, but then I don’t know how to proceed all of them? Yes of course you should do it one by one, step by step or little by little. The thing about working slowly is, I don’t know how to begin with and in a blank of an eye, you’ll forget what you want to write. In fact I do not think ‘step-by-step’ method would help you write.

If I want to write something, like eagerly to write something, I have to do it fast and I have to do it now. Because at the “Moment” I know what I want to write and I could not stop and I will not stop to write. I will just write everything what comes to my mind. I will not look up for the grammatic, spelling check or what so ever. I will keep writing until I had all written my ideas down. Full stop. For me that is the best “moment” to write. Unfortunately the “Moment” is not always there for the right time, for example always get an idea when I’m waiting on my bus or when I’m getting ready to bed, which are really not a good time to write. Of course as a wannabe blog writer I keep all my idea in a memo, which I keep on my phone or my Filofax journal. So far so good right? But then and ever I’m one of the truly queen of procrastination (like right now,  I should be doing laundry because I don’t have anything to wear, but instead I am writing a blog’s entry) and when I’m in a procrastination-mode, there’s nothing will stop me and that is the real problem. So in the time I should write my blog’s entry  I don’t know anymore what I want to write, the glorious ideas that I want to write are all gone and I don’t have any idea what past-me want to tell through my memo. So that is when I often get my writer’s block.

That is why, when I have an Idea to write, I’ll try to stop everything that I do at the moment and start doing the fast writing method. I open my laptop and start writing on a document. I will write everything tha just come to my mind, I will not stop until I puke all the words I want to write down. In that state, I do not really care about grammar, or spelling or even language. I just write everything what comes to my mind, which means I write with english grammar with here and there an Indonesian’s word or german’s word. This state is purely just writing all the words and ideas down. After that, I’ll start to read the articles over and over again, searching for grammar’s and spelling’s mistake until they are no more to be found.

I personally kinda digging’ this fast writing method, because it is fast (obviously) and furious   and you’ll never experience any writer’s block more. I think one should not write with an step-by-step method, because then you’ll get a writer’s block easily and you’ll get bored with your topic in a blink of an eye. But still tho’ this is just my opinion and what works the best for me. Whatever method you use, just keep writing and practicing.

happy writing,


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