How I survived for days without my phone

I can’t and so I bought a new one the next day.

The last picture I took with my beloved baby 

Let me begin the story many you probably know, I lost my phone over the weekend at the party. Some of you asked me how I managed losing my phone, you know, if I know, I wouldn’t lose it. Anyway, probably like any other phone addict and social media freak, I was devastated. I felt extremely naked without having my baby (read: my phone) with me. It was always beside me, reminded me to every appointment I wanted to forget, but had to attend, woke me up at 7:15 even though I usually wake up at 6:30 or which bus should I take to my next party destination (nah jk Pop, I don’t party every weekend). My phone was my buddy, my helper, my personal assistant, I bet I couldn’t get anything done without my beloved and reliable iPhone. How can I keep up my position in highly competitive social media ladder? How am I going to know what is happening right now in Timbuktu? How am I going to keep in touch with my old men?


I had to get use to a world before the smartphone, which won’t be as hard as it’s sounds because duh, I used to know this world. But I was wrong. Well, the only way I could contact my friends were through email, path or facebook. I had a Dinner in the evening with a friend, usually I would text my friends to make sure that I would go to the dinner, but I couldn’t reach my friend because I lost my phone nor have I my friend’s facebook so I was hoping my friend didn’t cancel it the last minute (thank god my friend didn’t). The next problem was how to get to my friend’s place. I don’t really know the bus timetable because I rely on my phone to check for my connection. So as soon as I was ready I walked to the bus station, but Fortuna wasn’t on my side, I saw my bus went away in front of my nose. Therefore, I had no other choice than to walk 30 Minutes to his place.  Which was terrifying to walk alone in the dark. Thank God nothing happened.


The next day I decided to buy a new phone instead. Yes, I’m a phone addict and I realize already that I rely to much on my smartphone, but that is just the life we’re living right now. To be honest, smartphone could plan my day efficiently. I thought I could stand a whole month without my phone, I couldn’t even survive for a day without phone.





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