Summer, Sun and Procrastinating

Usually summer is like my best season of all year, you know where I could feel really free and in my best state. Where you could feel the sun on your skin, getting tan, having fun with your friends, going to the beach; or go to pool since there ain’t no beaches here in Aachen, well you know just have the time of your life or just feeling yourself, but this kind of feeling is one thing that not going to happen, not when you’re living in Aachen. This small town in North-Rhine-Westphalia seems to have just two season: fall and spring. Okay I might be exaggerating, but seriously I can count the hot summer days in Aachen with all my fingers. To make it fair, the weather in Germany right now is kinda lame. No hot summer days or just a small ray of sunshine, NADA. When you’re lucky you’ll get like overall 15 minutes of sunshine through the whole day.

Well, I don’t want to nag so much about the weather and I couldn’t do anything about it either. I am kind of a person who tries to make the best of the situation and I am kind of grateful that the weather is like this. When it is getting windy or wet you have the feeling you do not want to leave your warm blanket and your cozy bed, but you know deep down there you have to do something, you must have the feeling that you actually have accomplished something that day, this is where actually the procrastinating begins. You feel you have to be productive, but you are not obliged to do something and you start thinking that you actually could do it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. It is hard when it comes to the time like this.  So usually I’ll drag my ass to get out of bed, placing my yoga mat and start doing yoga until I feel like I’m strong enough to do any activities. Since exams are approaching I’m quite occupied with the guilt of procrastinating. So yeah…

Okay now I’m  going to go back to my warm blanket on this “summer” day.


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