What is the chance that I’ll see you again? To see you in Berlin, for all the places we would have bump each other into? One in hundred times, so it was rare. A rare coincidence. A beautiful coincidence.

I was sipping my cold beer while tapping and dancing on my spot. I don’t really know the band. I was tagging my friends along since my favorite band has finished their act and I’m waiting for my next band to play in alternative stage. The sun crawled back to its bed, the moon and the stars were starting to take over the night sky. The moon exceptionally big tonight, maybe it was full moon? The lamps and the stage started to light up, I didn’t really realize it before but in no time the area was brighten up by the lamps. It was blue, pink, yellow… all sort of colors. It was memorizing. I closed my eyes trying to soak in the lyrics and the melody of the song. As I said i didn’t know about the band, I never heard of it. At least their was never on my radar, but somehow, there are a familiar feeling creeping into my mind while I heard the song.

I heard your voice, laughing and singing the lyric of it. It was too real, somehow it felt like you were beside me,. Enjoying the concert together. The concert of your favorite band. Yes, now i realize. This is your favorite band.

Still closing my eyes, I let the memories soak in. How you would sing the song word for word, while twirling around and trying to convince me to sing along. I let the memories creeping in… I saw your face so celearly ´. Soaking in. Getting deeper ad deeper in my temple of mind. In your green sofa, while you were shirtless and I was only on my dress. You showed me your favorite thing, the band was one of them. You laughed at me because “how come you didn’t know of them? They are pretty famous.” So you would sing one of their song, not particularly for me. Just for the sake of singing. Not really a great singer, are you? But that was okay. I fell for you to enjoy your singing voice anyway. I let the memories soak in, but it was too vivid. I heard your laugh once again…

It was too real and too painful to hear, so I open my eyes. But your voice, I still could hear your laugh. Hahaha maybe my mind messed with me, knowing how my heart is still longing for you? Now, I smell of you when the fresh wind whistled a little bit. The essence of your favorite Parfum, it was my favorite too. My mind was definitely messing with, I laugh to myself. My friends just staring at me because of my sudden laugh. I told them, I’ll just get that five beers for twenty euro again. They nod and back at dancing again. So that was is the moment I saw you. You, in your uniform of unbutton shirt and khaki pants. You, in your brown brogue shoes and your new girlfriend. You and your brown eyes and your perfectly styled hair. Your eyes and my eyes met. And in that glimpse of the time, the memories started cripping in again, like a old broken movies, fast forward.

And in that glimpse of the time, I felt it was the longest time to pass by. But I made it sure, that the gaze was long enough to cherish the memories and short enough to wave them goodbye.


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