Five Favorites Mangaka and a New Project

Well I guess I’ve been hiatus for such a long time. The last time I wrote on WordPress, it was 2014 and now we have 2015 April already. My sincere apology to myself (since nobody will care about this blog) because my lack of enthusiasm. Well anyway now that I have some free time because I don’t have any more exams or work to do. Although I’ll have a new term in a couple of days. Hiks, how can I fully enjoy and travel when I don’t have much free time?

Ah enough with ranting. Since I have free time, I usually spend my free time doing something I have less time for like such as cleaning up my studio room or reading! Reading is for me the best thing you can do when you can have some quality time with yourself alone and when you are actually enjoy yourself without any disturbance. I’m currently reading an Indonesian Novel called “Senopati Pemungkas” written by Arswendo Atmowiloto and “Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden”, it’s a manga from Watase Yuu. She is one of a few Mangaka I like and I’ll write about in this post.

So here are my top five Mangaka ever!


She’s the original author of Horimiya or Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. There are not much I know about her, but since I lay my eyes on her Web-comic I just can’t get enough. Now there’s even a Manga from this Fourstrip comic. Basically the story is about school life, friendship and everyday life. The way Hero doesn’t exaggerating things in her story makes it more reliable and reflects to my everyday life.

Picture Illustrated of Hero. She like to use this Illustration on Editor's comment
Picture Illustrated of Hero. She like to use this Illustration on Editor’s comment
The main character Hori and Miyamura on Hori-san to Miyamura-kun
The main character Hori and Miyamura on Hori-san to Miyamura-kuna

Tian Ju and Old Xian

Tian Ju and Old Xian have the same genre like Hero. They like to write about every day life and I’m pretty sure too it was a Web-Comic on Weibo, Tian Ju write “Tamen De Gushi” it is about a funny romantic story of how Qiu Tong (a very tomboy yet beautiful girl) and Sun Jing (a year older from Qiu Tong, very cute and sweet girl) met and fell in love. The story is so funny. Tan Jiu can really capture the sweetness and naiveness of first love and love at first sight and delivered it to the audience without a single package missing. On the other hand Old Xian writes a story about two young men, who are best friends since they are a child. The story is more a bromance thing with a touch of slightly “Shounen Ai” aka Boys Love but in a good way (you know it’s not YAOI!). I really enjoy his work and Old Xian has a very unique style of drawing which you’ll easily recognized. Oh you can also visit Old Xian‘s Tumblr page, I don’t know if this is his tumblr or is it just a fansdom site but anyway you can enjoy Old Xian‘s illustration more, click here if you want to go to the page. Together with Moss, Old Xian and Tian Ju’s currently project is Mosspaca Advertising Departement. Which is a slice of life story about their work, but it’s so funny and easy to read. Please check them out if you want something that can brightenen your day a bit 🙂

The main characters in 19 Days by Old Xian
The main characters in 19 Days by Old Xian
First Cover of Mosspaca Advertising Department from left to right, Old Xian, Moss and Tan Jiu
First Cover of Mosspaca Advertising Department from left to right, Old Xian, Moss and Tan Jiu
Sun Jing and Qiu Tong, Tamen de Gushi's main Characters
Sun Jing and Qiu Tong, Tamen de Gushi’s main Characters

Watase Yuu

As someone who is known in “Shojo” loves story genre you probably already know this name. Yup the one and only Queen of Shojo in my opinion. Watase Yuu born March 5 1970 in Osaka-Japan. She’s very known for her work “Fushigi Yuugi”. The story tells a Priest, who will come from another dimension and world to save world in a book called “The Book of Four Gods”. Beside Fushigi Yuugi, she’s also known for Agashi No Ceres and Zettai Kareshi. They even have a Dorama for Zettai Kareshi in Japan. What I like about Watase Yuu beside her fabulous art is the way she mixed an urban legend and twist it with a modern touch. She makes really a great plot and storyline even though sometimes I feel the woman main character is a little bit dumb and naive in my taste. Regardless, I learn a lot from her story, which is never underestimated the power of friendship. Watase Yuu is currently working on “Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Ibun” 🙂

Watase Yuu-Sensei. So Kawaii (cute)
Watase Yuu-Sensei. So Kawaii (cute)
Fushigi Yuugi's Main Characters
Fushigi Yuugi’s Main Characters

Last but not least favourite, in fact I love her the most: Yazawa Ai

All hail for the Josei-Queen (Josei means Woman’s love, mainly the genre is directed for women) Yazawa Ai, born 1967 in Hyo Perfecture in Japan. She is probably (definitely!) my favorite Mangaka of all time. The first time I saw/watched her work was “Paradise Kiss” on Animax (it is an Anime-Channel) and I fell in love in an instant with this Anime. So I began to search for her works and so I falling deeper and deeper into Yazawa Ai‘s World. She’s so brilliant and all the character she made had their own persona. Her plot and story lines, even the character’s arch are enjoyable and make you not tired to watch or read it over and over again. From her stories, I learn a lot of valuable things that makes me prepare to go to “womanhood” (wow I feel so strange to typed that word). From “Paradise Kiss” I learnt that you have to seek first what your passion is, then persuade it and always true to yourself. A relationship is not something you can be imposed and if this relationship makes it hard to achieve your goal, you just have to let it go. Even though you are not be together again, you can still encourage and support one another. Just like the relationship between Caroline and George (both are the main charachters in Paradise Kiss) in the end (SPOILER ALERT!) their relationship doesn’t work out the way the wanted to and have to go their own way to achieve their goal but they still support one another secretly. From “NANA” how incredible and beautiful a mutual relationship between two young women could be. Nana and Hachi show me how beautiful their friendship are, despise their different background and characters. The Bond they create makes me jealous, I do want a relationship like that, which support and trust are the big headlines. Both of the Works Yazawa Ai‘s wrote help me going through my womanhood. I can relate to some of the events occurs in her works and that making Yazawa‘s work always stay in my heart. I wish Yazawa Ai-Sensei to recover from her illness, because there are lots of fans who is waiting for her on-going “Nana” (I know this sounds so selfish) and also that she’s not over-working again. Anyway I wish she regains her health soon.

Yazawa-Sensei in her Viviene Westwood Attire. She's a big fan of this english-Designer
Yazawa-Sensei in her Vivienne Westwood Attire. She’s a big fan of this english-Designer
Caroline with George. Their lovestory just like a modern Romeo and Julliet without one or both of them dead
Caroline with George. Their love story just like a modern Romeo and Juliet without one or both dead
Nana and Hachi. Two beautiful women, who taught me to always stand up for myself
Nana and Hachi. Two beautiful women, who taught me to always stand up for myself

So these are my favorites Mangaka. I hope you guys enjoys today’s post as much as I was enjoying myself to write it in WordPress.

Ah yeah I almost forgot about the next theme. I have a new blog with my friends. It is merely just a blog about four of us as friends and also as student diaspora in a foreign country. Right now is written only in Indonesian, so probably it is the best for Indonesian-speaker. Well anyway don’t forget to read it VAKE.ME

much love,