A wolf-lover adolescence who is now living in Germany (Aachen) but comes from Indonesia (Bali). Loves to travel, photography, writing and drawing, pretty much all activities except activities that including sweating or the word ‘gym’ shortly she disliked sport. Even though she ‘unfavorites’ sport, she wants to achieve healthy and fit body so she started to watch her diet and try to exercise more than two hours in a week. She do Zumba and Yoga once a week right now. A Student of one of the best technic and engineering University, RWTH Aachen University but studying Social Science as her major.

Her blog is merely about her life, travel journal, photography and her writing, that is why she called it Mixed Salad Bowl. She promises to update her blog once a week not to somebody else but to herself as a dedication that she finally achieveS and committs to something.

So last but not least, enjoy her pages and do not hesitate to write her some comments, critics, ideas or like her pages




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